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    ALTHOUGH a certain amount of publicity. was obtained in the scientific journals, trade papers and the daily Press for the German Chemical Engineering Exhibition held at Cologne in 1934, the organizers felt that these reports were necessarily incomplete, and so they have published the Achema Jahrbuch, 1935-36 (Berlin: Verlag Chemie, G.m.b.H.), to give some indication of the recent progress in chemical engineering illustrated by that exhibition, which was visited by 48,600 representatives of industrial firms and professional men from forty-six countries. Opportunity is also taken of directing attention to Achema VIII, which will be held on July 2-11, 1937, at Erankfort-on-Main, where accommodation amounting to 240,000 square feet of floor space will be available for exhibitors. In this exhibition, one building will be reserved for firms wishing to show scientific instruments and equipment such as are used industrially for making technical measurements or controlling and regulating the flow of fluids, heat and electricity. Another building will house industrial apparatus made of non-metallic materials, whilst the third and fourth buildings are reserved for machines used in the artificial silk and associated industries, and large-size equipment for the chemical and allied industries respectively. It is intended to publish at the beginning of 1937 a catalogue giving detailed information of the exhibition. The “Jahrbuch” also gives a list of the exhibitors at the 1934 exhibition in English, French and German as well as notes in two of these languages on some of the more important sections, and the equipment which was shown.

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