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    To remedy the neglect of a field in which the Russian literature, with a virtual monopoly created by circumstance, can do less than justice, a society has been founded in England for the promotion of Georgian and Caucasian studies. The promoters include Sir Oliver Wardrop and Mr. W. E. D. Allen, who are among the foremost authorities on Georgia in the West. Sir Denison Ross is the Society's first president. The Society will publish a journal under the title Qeorgica, of which the first part has already appeared. Its contents, for most of which natives of Georgia, recognized as authorities, are responsible, indicate that breadth of interest, combined with sound scholarship, will be the aim of its promoters. Qeorgica will also endeavour to keep its readers abreast of current developments in Caucasian studies not otherwise readily accessible. As preliminary matter, Sir Denison Ross contributes an introductory note explaining the objects and methods of the new society, and Mr. W. E. D. Allen reviews the present state of Caucasian studies. Among the remaining papers are a discussion of Georgian chronology by Prof. Taqaishvili, an examination of the Asianic element in Georgian paganism by Prof. M. Tseretelli (see p. 512 of this issue of NATTTBE), a census of Georgian manuscripts in England, of which there are three important collections, by the Archimandrite Peradze, and an account of the Holy Lance of Echmiadzin by Mr. F. J. Baddeley, who considers that it is identical with the lance discovered in the siege of Antioch in 1098. Dr. A. Gugushvili adds a valuable, if tentative, system of Georgian phonetics, which, it may be hoped, will lead to further discussion. The honorary secretary of the Georgian Society is Dr. A. Gugushvili, to whom inquiries should be addressed at Commonwood House, Chipperfield, Herts.

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