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    WE have received from an Advisory Committee on Technical College Equipment, British Industries House, Marble Arch, London, W.I, a memorandum on a scheme in progress for setting up an exhibition at British Industries House showing the equipment necessary for technical institutions. This movement is designed to help those responsible for expenditure on these centres in view of the very large outlay anticipated during the next few years by the Board of Education. The Committee represents the three associations concerned with technical teaching and also the Institution of Production Engineers, and hence is an authoritative body. It is pointed out that the present method of deciding on a design, that of visiting recent buildings and utilizing the composite information obtained, wastes time and is unsatisfactory. Technical education in Great Britain is lamentably behind that on the Continent in the matter of material equipment and buildings, hence this scheme is to be commended. The relationships of the pieces of mechanism will no doubt be an important part of the Committee's work, though this must be to some extent subservient to the configuration of the floor space. More difficult will be the presentation of the structural features and service supplies essential as the basis of the equipment. It is stated that the object is to enable full information to be obtained for getting out estimates for building, extending, and equipping institutions. So far as the two former functions are concerned, it seems difficult to see how the exhibition can supply any detailed information, from the province of trained professional advisers and necessarily varying with local conditions; such advisers, however, should be able to learn much from the exhibition.

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