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    THE Report of the Council of the British Association, adopted by the General Committee on September 9 at Blackpool, included two matters of particular interest relating to the development of the activities of the Association in the field of the social sciences. During the year covered by the Report, the Council appointed a Committee to consider how the Association might indicate the importance which it attaches to the development of the social sciences, either by the appointment of a third general secretary or by other appropriate means. As a result, this year's programme includes in a separate section the titles of addresses, papers, and discussions having a special bearing upon the relations between science and the interests of the community. Communications appropriate to this group may be suggested by organizing sectional committees or by sectional presidents. At least one discussion in each annual programme is to deal with the application of science to social problems, and at least one of the evening discourses. By these developments, it is intended to provide the evidence which public opinion now demands that the Association shall carry out one of its original aims, namely, that of “obtaining a more general interest for the objects of science”.

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