The Radio Exhibition at Olympia

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THIS year's National Radio Exhibition at Olympia JL is the eleventh annual event of its kind, and the Radio Manufacturers' Association is to be con gratulated on its successful organization of the show, which offered more comfort for the visitor than in the past, and also maintained the spirit of novelty which is so characteristic of this event. For the most part, the exhibition was a display of the vast variety of wireless receiving sets, which are now available to meet practically all the many and differing demands of the broadcast listening public. On a much smaller scale, the needs of the specialist and technically-minded enthusiast and experimenter are catered for, in the way of special components and of receiving sets for use abroad or for general experimental work. The impression was definitely conveyed that this vast industry of some twelve years standing is now firmly planted on its feet; with only a few excep- tions, the names of the exhibitors are now almost common household words among the general public.

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