Forestry Research in Canada

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    As a result of recommendations made at a Con ference on Forestry Research held in Ottawa in November 1935, the National Research Council of Canada has appointed a committee to study the requirements in respect to research in all branches of forestry, including measures for the better utiliza tion of forest products. This committee is to function as an associate committee of the National Research Council, and includes in its membership representa tives of the Dominion Departments of the Interior and Agriculture, in addition to the National Research Council; the forestry departments of each province; members of the forestry faculties of universities in which there are departments of forestry; the lumber, pulp and paper and allied industries throughout the Dominion; the forest engineering societies; the forest protective associations and the Canadian Forestry Association. It is understood that the committee will base its preliminary programme on the findings of the Conference on Forestry Research held in November 1935 already alluded to. The importance of forestry and her forests to Canada needs no emphasizing. Much valuable work is being done alrjeady in the direction of research by federal and provincial agencies, individual companies and other organizations. The new committee will bring together data on the work at present in progress, correlate the information thus obtained, investigate the need for further research, and so forth. It is evidence of broad and statesman-like views among those responsible for the formation of the committee that representatives of all sides of forestry interests are included. In Great Britain, the position is far otherwise research work is too often relegated to water-tight compartments, energies being thus dis sipated; forestry committees are not fully repre sentative of all sides of forestry; whilst representa tives of the individual forestry staffs of the universities as a whole do not automatically find places on forestry research committees.

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