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    A FEATUBE of the sixth International Botanical Congress held at Amsterdam last September was the re-organization of the Botanical Section of the Inter national Union of Biological Sciences and its recogni tion by the Congress as a liaison between successive International Congresses. Hitherto, each quin quennial congress has been independent of preceding congresses, and has been organized entirely by an ad hoc committee of the nation which was acting as host. Participation by other nationals in its various activities was by invitation. A drawback of this arrangement has been the absence of any body to ensure that resolutions passed by one congress were carried out and that committees appointed for definite objects were set to work. A circular has now been issued by the honorary secretary of the Botanical Section of the Union describing the aims of inter national collaboration in science in general, and in particular defining the work of the Botanical Section in relation to successive congresses. The circular emphasizes the independence of the quinquennial congresses, the organization of which remains entirely in the hands of a national committee; but the various commissions and committees appointed by successive congresses will be adopted by the Botanical Section of the Union and thus “be united into a permanent, active and well-subsidized organization”. This should ensure that work initiated at any one congress will be effectively carried out. For the present a definite liaison is suggested between the two organizations as the president of the Botanical Section of the Union, Prof. N. E. Svedelius, is vice-president of the next International Congress to be held in Stockholm in 1940. The president of the Congress is Prof. R. E. Fries.

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