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    THE first general meeting of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History was held in the rooms of the Royal Entomological Society on August 26. The provisional committee set up to establish the Society made a report and submitted draft by-laws which were accepted as the by-laws of the Society. The following officers were elected: Presi dent: Dr. C. Davies Sherborn; Treasurer: Mr. Francis Hemming; Secretary: Mr. Francis J. Griffin,; and a committee of management set up consisting of Prof. F. Balfour-Browne, Mr. J. R. Norman, Mr. J. Ramsbottom, Dr. T. A. Sprague and Mr. A. Cockburn Townsend. It was announced that the first part of the Society's Journal would appear in September, and that it would contain a catalogue of all known papers giving information relating to the dates of publication of books on natural history. No such catalogue at present exists, and the publica tion should be of value to all systematists. An item on the programme of the Society which it is hoped -will be of great value to all naturalists is the publica tion of facsimiles of rare works of importance to natural history. The decision of the Society to main tain an information bureau for the use of its members is an indication of the present trend of societies to make available to the individual member the collective experience and knowledge of all. The annual general meeting of the Society will be held on the first Saturday in February.

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