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German Commercial Airship Plans


    THE new Zeppelin, Airship L.Z. 129, is now reported to be complete in skeleton, and work on covering has commenced. It is hoped to launch it at the end of July. When completed it will be the largest airship in the world. It is 813 ft. in length, 135 ft. maximum diameter, and has gas capacity of 6,720,000 cubic feet. Dr. Eckener says that he intends to build three further ships for routes across the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and to India and Batavia, that will operate under American, German and Dutch control respectively. The German operating base will be changed from Friedrichshafen to Frankfort, which is not only more convenient for commercial traffic but is also at a lower altitude. The loss of available lift due to starting from the higher altitude of Friedrichshafen is estimated to be about three tons for the L.Z. 129. Arrangements have also been completed for the construction of a mooring mast and gas plant at Seville, in conjunction with the Atlantic routes. A new operating company, in which the German Government is said to be interested, is being formed with a capital of about £835,000.

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