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Cereal Synonyms

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    THE Cereal Synonym Committee has come to a number of decisions on the stocks of cereals which it examined in 1934. In arriving at these decisions, the Committee was guided by the following definition of a cereal synonym: “The Cereal Synonym Committee regard two cereals as synonyms when they present precisely similar morphological characters, and when they also possess identical physiological characters in so far as they can be determined. Even then by this term they do not necessarily imply that these two varieties are of identical origin, though doubtless in the majority of cases they are. The possibility of two cereals of different parentage presenting such a close, if not complete similarity as to mask their individuality has not been lost sight of. But the Committee have to deal with facts as they are; they, therefore, regard as synonyms all cereals which are identical in the sense used above even when they know that the origins are different. Before the Committee come to a conclusion concerning the synonymity of any variety the breeder and/or the introducer is given an opportunity of demonstrating to the Committee such differences as he may claim to exist between his variety and the type variety.“In compliance with the request of the Committee that as much publicity as possible should be given to its decisions, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge, has published a leaflet giving full details of the findings for the wheat, oats and barley varieties investigated.

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