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Metallurgical Research

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    THE lecture given by Dr. H. Moore, director of the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association, before the London Section of the Institute of Metals on November 8, 1934, published in the March issue of the Institute's Journal, constituted an extremely valuable review of the more immediate past and future of metallurgical development. Under the title of “Recent Trends and Future Developments in Metallurgical Research”, Dr. Moore surveyed the application of physical and physico-chemical methods to the study of metals and alloys, with particular reference to the industrial application of the results of research. In the period under review—the past decade—the output of metallurgical research has undoubtedly been unparalleled; but in Dr. Moore's view the main bulk of this large output has been concerned with the exploitation of fundamental concepts which had been developed more than ten years ago. Research in progress at the present time is reviewed under six main heads: melting and solidification, working of metals, heat treatment, mechanical properties, corrosion, and electro-deposition, and the directions in which work may be expected to proceed in the near future are outlined. The impression gained from this exceptionally interesting and virile address is one of boundless fields of research, offering fascinating possibilities in the extension of the use of metals for a very wide range of purposes for the benefit of civilisation.

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