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Iron and Steel Institute: Co-operation with Local Technical Societies


    ARRANGEMENTS have been made by the Council of the Iron and Steel Institute and the councils of various local technical societies for extending existing arrangements for co-operation between the Institute and such bodies. To this end, the Council of the Institute has agreed to extend the maximum age of associate membership from twenty-four years of age, as previously fixed, to thirty years of age in the case of associate members who are also members of local technical societies taking part in the scheme. It has also agreed to supply each year to the local societies, for presentation and discussion at local meetings, certain papers which have been presented at general meetings of the Iron and Steel Institute. One or two joint meetings each session between members of the local societies and members of the Iron and Steel Institute resident in the particular district will be arranged. It is hoped by these means usefully to extend the existing co-operation between the Institute and local technical societies, and particularly to encourage the study of problems connected with the manufacture and metallurgy of iron and steel, especially among the younger members of those societies. The secretary of the Iron and Steel Institute, 28 Victoria Street, London, S.W.I, will supply further information on request.

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