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    GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Vol. 58, Part 1, No. 1: Studies on the Physiology of Reproduction in the Ewe. Part 1: The Symptoms, Periodicity and Duration of (Estrus; Part 2: Changes in the Vagina and Cervix; Part 3: Gross Changes in the Ovaries. By Dr. R,. Grant. Pp. 47 + 2 plates. 6*. Qd. Vol. 58, Part 1, No. 2: Notes on the Kidston Collection of Fossil Plant Slides. No. iii: Some Points in the Anatomy of Sigillaria elegans Brongniart; No. iv: On the Nature of the Corona and its Relationship to the Leaf-Traces in the Lepidodendreae and Sigillarise, with special reference to certain “Diploxyloid"Specimens in the Kidston Collection. By Dr. Mary G. Calder. Pp. 49-62 + 1 plate. 2s. Vol. 58, Part 1, No. 3: The Spermatogenesis of the Axolotl (Amblystoma triginum). By Robert Carrick. Pp. 63-74+3 plates. 3s. (Edinburgh: Robert Grant and Son; London: Williams and Norgate, Ltd.)

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