Bibliography of Cossar Ewart's Works


    PROF. J. H. ASHWORTH and Dr. F. Fraser Darling have prepared a “Bibliography of the Works of James Cossar Ewart”, who died on December 31 last (Supplement to “Animal Breeding Abstracts, vol. 1. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd. Separate, 6d. net). The list, which contains no less than 141 titles of papers and books by Cossar Ewart alone or in collaboration with others, is a story of a long and active life of scientific investigation covering a wide range of work, from minute anatomy to animal breeding. The last reference is to a letter on “The Coat of Sheep” in NATURE of March 19, 1927; it is also of interest to note that nine of Cossar Ewart's papers to the Royal Society of Edinburgh are represented by title only, so that the abstracts published in NATURE are the only records of their subject matter.

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