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    THE material collected by Dr. Klinkowski on the ecological distribution of lucerne types has been translated and published in an abridged form as Bulletin No. 12 in the Herbage Publication Series of the Imperial Bureau of Plant Genetics (“Lucerne: Its Ecological Position and Distribution iri the World”. Aberystwyth: I.B.P.G., Agricultural Buildings. 3s. 6d.). Lucerne is the oldest forage plant known and originated from a number of regions of a ‘steppe’ character. The routes along which the plant migrated are traced, and the history of its development and the importance of the crop at the present time described for 45 different countries. The geographical distribution of the types of cultivated lucerne in Europe, Asia and North Africa is also dealt with. A further publication, “Plant Breeding in the Soviet Union”, has been issued jointly by the Cambridge and Aberystwyth Sections of the Imperial Bureau of Plant Genetics (3s. 6d.).

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