Anthropological Studies in India


    IN view of the important part which will be played by racial, religious and social questions in relation to administration and government in the India of the future, considerable interest is attached to a brief survey of the work in anthropology which has been, and is now being, done in India by Rai BahadurL. K. Ananthakrishna lyer, chairman of the Board of Higher Studies in Anthropology of the University of Calcutta and the author of a number of well-known works on Indian anthropology, which appears in Current Science of January 1934. He points out that it is only in the last fifteen years that the vast mass of anthropological material offered by India has “begem to be utilised systematically. The School of Anthropology in the University of Calcutta was organised in 1921, and the” Untersity is new unique in prescribing the subject for the M.A. and M.Sc. examinations. The students also have the advantage of an annual course of practical instruction in the field in various parts of Bengal and Chota Nagpur, when both anthropometry and cultural anthropology are studied.

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