The Panda or Cat-Bear


    THE arrival at the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London of three specimens of that rare and most interesting animal the panda, or ‘cat-bear’ (Aelurus fulgens), should form an addition of no small interest to those visiting the Gardens during the summer months. The coloration of this animal is striking. The fur is of a rich chestnut-red, with white markings on the head, and black rings round the conspicuously long tail, while the under parts are almost black instead of the normal white. Though strictly speaking a carnivore, it is nevertheless almost omnivorous. For while small mammals and birds, eggs, insects and their larvae form their principal diet, they also feed largely on fruit and many kinds of shoots, especially of the bamboo, of which they are said to be very fond. Having regard to their typically carnivorous dentition, this very mixed diet is noteworthy.

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