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New Ascent into Stratosphere

Nature volume 131, page 614 (29 April 1933) | Download Citation



SOVIET men of science are planning an ascent into the stratosphere in July. The ascent will be made in a balloon which is being specially built for the purpose under the supervision of the Leningrad Section of Osoaviakhim (Society for Air and Chemical Defence). Attached to the balloon will be a large, hermetically sealed gondola in which the investigators will be seated. They will wear special clothing and will be equipped with parachutes in case a forced landing is necessary. A meeting of the committee which is arranging the flight has recently been held in Leningrad. It is proposed to make the ascent from the central part of European Russia. The exact point has not yet been decided upon. A trial 12 km. flight into the stratosphere will first be made in order to accustom the investigators to the experi mental conditions. The engineer in charge of con struction of the balloon, Mr. Chertovsky, and Mr. Vasenko, its designer, are to make the trial flight. In July it is planned to penetrate to a height of 22 km. Among those making the ascent will be Prof. Rynin, a well-known authority on aeronautics, and, health permitting, M. Joffe, an eminent Soviet physicist and member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

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