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Alcohol-Petrol as a Motor Fuel

Nature volume 131, page 464 (01 April 1933) | Download Citation



IN connexion with the leading article in NATURE of March 11 on the subject of power alcohol, it is of interest to find that an alcohol-petrol mixture has begun to be distributed in Great Britain from garages over a wide and extending area under the name of “Koolmotor Alcohol Blend” at the same price per gallon as No. 1 Petrol. A mixture of alcohol in petrol has been in common use in racing cars for a year or two, but now the ordinary public will have for the first time an opportunity of testing its merits, in particular the absence of knocking. The anti-knock value is said to be equivalent to approximately 85 octane number. An alcohol of 99-9 per cent purity produced in England is being used. It is probable that the use of a fuel of this type in England, with the opportunity it will give for general experimenting, will have an effect on engine design. As the result of motor racing, which has as its real object the improvement of design and not the establishing of speed records, engines of high compression ratios have been introduced which need special fuels if they are to be used to advantage.

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