Molecular Weights of the Blood Pigments of Arenicola and of Lumbricus


IN a letter to NATURE of June 8, 1929, p. 871, one of us directed attention to the fact that all stable native proteins may, with regard to molecular weight, be divided into two large groups : the hæmocyanins with molecular weights of the order of millions, and all other proteins with molecular weights from about 35,000 to about 200,000. Among the proteins considered in that letter were three respiratory pigments, namely, the haemoglobin of the vertebrates with a molecular weight of about 68,000, and two different hæmocyanins—that from the blood of Helix, possessing a molecular weight of about 5,000,000, and that from the blood of Limulus, of about 2,000,000.


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    Proc. Roy. Soc., B, 96, 28; 1924.

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THE SVEDBERG, ERIKSSON, I. Molecular Weights of the Blood Pigments of Arenicola and of Lumbricus. Nature 130, 434–435 (1932).

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