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New Archæological Periodical

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THE new archæological publication Préhistoire, of which the first number has just been issued, has been planned on lines differing from those of any archæological periodical now running. Its contents will consist entirely of original memoirs, and it will include neither reviews of books nor current news; while in scope it will cover the archæology and art of the preand protohistoric periods, that is to say, from the earliest times up to the foundation of the great empires of antiquity. The articles will be descriptive—these dealing with the latest discoveries—statements of new theory, or syntheses taking a broad survey of facts. A special feature will be the illustrations, which in the case of each communication will be adequate to the requirements of the subject, and, in any event, more ample than could be given in the general run of archæological periodicals. It is hoped that the ampler space and fuller illustration which will be available, will make it possible to include in Préhistoire studies of which the publication has been impossible up to now owing to their requirements in these respects. The new journal is edited by M. Raymond Lantier with an international editorial committee, which includes, among others, Comte Bégouen, the Abbé Breuil, Mr. Miles Burkitt, Prof. Bosch Gimpera, Prof. H. Obermaier, and Dr. O. Menghin. The first issue contains contributions by Dr. Henri Martin on the Solutrian sculpture of Roc, Prof. H. Obermaier on the late Magdalenian art of the Grotte du ‘Pendo’, near Santander, and a long and very fully illustrated study by Dr. R. Forrer of the prehistoric ritual chariot and its survivals in historic times (see NATURE of Sept. 10, p. 404). Not only are the illustrations of each article ample, but they are also of a high quality. The price of Part 1 is 125 fr., but owing to the fact that the size of the parts will be variable, the price is not fixed. The annual subscription, however, is 250 fr. The publishers are Librairie Ernest Leroux, Paris.

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