Treatment of Fodder Crops

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    VARIOUS are the proposals for restoring arable farming to its former prosperous state. Apart from the recent Government promise of establishing a quota for wheat, we have had such interesting suggestions as Prof. Orwin's mechanised farming, which is already being tried in various parts of the country, and the erection of canning factories in which fruit and vegetables take the place of wheat, and of which two are already being built in Norfolk alone. Yet a third proposal which seems worthy of trial is the so-called ‘Mason System for Harvesting and Drying Green Fodder Crops’. The process invented by Mr. Arthur J. Mason is the result of twenty years' experimental work, and has been in commercial operation in the United States since 1926. It aims at producing home-grown feeding stuffs by artificially drying green fodder crops cut before the flowering stage and converting them directly into high-grade feeding-stuffs of comparable value with such imported products as cake, cereals, wheat offals, etc., at a distinctly lower price. The Rothamsted Experimental Station is already running some eighty experimental plots with the view of discovering the most suitable crops in Great Britain for the Mason process.

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    Treatment of Fodder Crops. Nature 129, 176 (1932) doi:10.1038/129176a0

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