Proposed International Congress of Anthropology

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    CORDIAL support has been given to the suggestion that a new international congress should be organised to cover anthropology and ethnology. Such a congress would meet the need created by the strict limitation of the field covered by the new International Congress of Prehistory and Protohistoric Sciences, which is to meet for the first time in London this summer. According to a communication from Prof. J. L. Myres which appears in Man for January, inquiries made on behalf of the Council of the Royal Anthropological Institute have not only elicited cordial expressions of approval, but also the matter has been taken up actively in Germany by Dr. Eugen Fisher. As the result of a consultation with his colleagues, he has written recently to the Council of the Royal Anthropological Institute to express the fullest approval on behalf of all the full professors of anthropology in Germany. They express willingness to concur in any arrangements the Institute may make for the formation of an international congress on the lines laid down last May for the Congress of Prehistory. It is suggested that similar statutes and constitution should be formulated; that the congress should be organised in two sections, one for anthropology and one for ethnology; that four languages should be officially recognised for the proceedings, and that meetings should take place at intervals of four years, preferably in the year in which the International Congress of Americanists meets in Europe. Such a date would provide for an alternation with the Prehistoric Congress, which will meet in London in 1932 and, probably, in Oslo in 1936. The first meet-ing of the Anthropological Congress would take place when the next meeting of the Americanists is held in Europe, that is, in 1934. The Council of the Royal Anthropological Institute accordingly invites the anthropologists of all countries to co-operate in forming such a congress.

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