A New Series of Allelomorphs in Mice

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THE case to which Prof. Dunn alludes is of very great interst in the question of the origin ofdominance. It will be observed that the gene for normal blood sugar is dominant both to the hyperglycæmic and to the hypoglycæ genes. In the “Genetical Theory of Natural Selection” (Chap. V), I had inferred that such dominance in opposite directions to different mutants must occur in quantitative characters, if dominance is, as I believe, a product of natural selection. With respect to the exceptional dominance of the one mutant gene over the other, it will be observed that this also follows the rule of the dominance of the more over the less viable condition. It is much to be hoped that further evidence of this observation will be obtained, using genetically normal, wild type mice; since the fact that in this cross an intermediate heterozygote would seem to be more advantageous than one with high blood sugar, suggests that the case may throw light on the mechnism by which the recessiveness of hypoglyeæmia had been brought about.

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FISHER, R. A New Series of Allelomorphs in Mice. Nature 129, 130 (1932) doi:10.1038/129130b0

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