Geological Exploration of the Andes

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    PROF. J. W. GREGORY is leaving England on Jan. 4 with an expedition to investigate some little-known parts of the coastal Cordillera of southern Peru and their relations to the Andes and to the recent extension of South America into the Pacific. It is hoped to examine especially the structure of the part of the Peruvian coast that trends from northwest to south-east, and the geology of the desert belt between that coast and the western front of the Andes. A geological section is also to be prepared across the little-known belt between lea and the Urubamba valley. The earth-movements and volcanic epochs of the Andes appear to have significant correspondence in date with the main stages in the formation of the Great Rift valley that were discovered in its exploration by Prof. Gregory thirty-nine years ago. The expedition will descend from the Andean plateau down one of the head streams of the Amazon, and may return to England across Brazil. Miss McKinnon Wood will accompany the expedition especially to collect fossils. Mr. A. V. Coverley Price will join the expedition at Lima. The work will be helped during parts of the journey by Mr. M. A. Tarnaiecki and Señor Don Alberto Calderon.

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