Applied Geophysics


IN opening to the public a geophysical exhibition, and in publishing a handbook* which not only is descriptive of the exhibits but also constitutes an admirable historical résumé of and introduction to thestudy of applied geophysics, the ScienceMuseum, South Kensington, has taken an important step in promoting the development of this branch of science; a step which is particularly appropriate at the present moment in view of the growing appreciation in Great Britain of the practical value of these relatively new methods of exploration. The exhibition is specially arranged to demonstrate the nature of geophysical prospecting operations, the various forms of instruments and field equipment employed, and the types of practical problems with which they are capable of dealing. Certainly, never before in Great Britain has there been a better opportunity for geologists and mining engineers to familiarise themselves with a subject which is rapidly becoming an important factor in the development of the world's mineral resources.

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EDGE, A. Applied Geophysics. Nature 127, 783–785 (1931).

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