The Origin and Growth of Religion: Facts and Theories


    It was a happy idea that urged Pater Schmidt to write this manual for the comparative history of religions, and a still happier one that prompted Prof. Rose to translate it into English. It is based on notes for a year's course of the author's lectures and covers the history of the subject, sketches the various theories, movements, and schools, and gives a brief account of the religions in the order of their appearance. A book of this kind was badly needed, especially for students in England, where ideas about method are apt to be a little nebulous, and where, perhaps, too little attention has been paid to development in theory on the Continent.

    The Origin and Growth of Religion: Facts and Theories.

    Prof. W. Schmidt. Translated from the original German by Prof. H. J. Rose. Pp. xvi + 302. (London: Methuen and Co., Ltd., 1931.) 15s. net.

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