Hydrography of Polar Seas


    IN the journal of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, for December 1930 (Journal du Conseil, vol. 5. No. 3, p. 329), E. Kreps and N. Verjbinskaya of the Murman Marine Biological Station describe the results obtained on cruises made in the months of March, May, September, and December along the meridians 33° 30′ E. and 38° E. from the Murman shore to the ice margin. The waters showed the typical cycle of the utilisation of phosphates and nitrates by the phytoplankton in the spring and summer months and their regeneration in the winter. The phytoplankton was, in this research, estimated by centrifuging an aliquot part of sea water, dissolving the contained diatoms in alcohol, and determining the amount of chlorophyll present spectro-photometrically.

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    Hydrography of Polar Seas. Nature 127, 687 (1931). https://doi.org/10.1038/127687b0

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