‘Sea Trout’ or ‘Bull Trout’?


THE brown trout and the sea trout, possibly members of one plastic species, have been the cause of much controversy. Living under widely varying conditions and possessing very different habits, they show differences in appearance which have given ground for much ‘splitting’ in the past. Furthermore, because they have come much under the eye of observant anglers, many without the knowledge of a trained biologist, who himself is always in difficulties when deciding where a ‘species’ ends and where it begins, it is natural that the popular accounts of these fish have shown very divergent opinions. That they are specifically indistinguishable is perhaps the general consensus of opinion at the present day, but there has still been a certain amount of indecision as to where exactly to place the so-called ‘bull trout’ of the Tweed and other rivers.

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R., F. ‘Sea Trout’ or ‘Bull Trout’?. Nature 127, 327–328 (1931). https://doi.org/10.1038/127327b0

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