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EARLY this year we had the pleasure of offering congratulations on behalf of scientific workers generally to Sir Ernest Rutherford on the barony conferred on him by H.M. the King, announced in the New Year's Honours List (NATURE, Jan. 10, p. 65). A further proof of the world-wide recognition of his brilliant achievements is the award, which we are glad to announce, of the Echegaray Medal of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Madrid. This medal?was founded by the Academy in honour of Senor D. Jos6 Echegaray, its president from 1901 until 1916, and is awarded triennially to any person, Spaniard or foreigner, who shall, in the opinion of the Academy, have distinguished himself to an eminent degree in one or other of the branches of science for the promotion of which the Academy exists. Previous recipients of the medal are: Sefior Jose Echegaray (1907), Sefior Eduardo Saavedra (1910), Prince Albert I. of Monaco (1913), Sefior Leonardo Torres Quevedo (1916), Prof. Svante Arrhenius (1919), Prof. Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1922).


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