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    THIS volume consists of a reprint of two volumes of elementary lectures, “The Evolution of the Earth and its Inhabitants” (1918), and “The Evolution of Man” (1922), delivered at Yale University, with the addition of a chapter entitled “Cultural Evolution”, by Prof. G. G. MacCurdy, and another on The Mechanism of Evolution by Prof. W. R. Coe. Most of the chapters are reprinted without any (or with only slight) alteration. Hence the review that appeared in NATURE (June 2, 1923, p. 735) still gives an accurate idea of the new impression, and the criticism of the titles of the individual lectures and of the whole volume is still relevant.

    The Evolution of Earth and Man.

    Lorande Loss Woodruff George Howard Parker Richard Swann Lull Charles Schuchert Harry Burr Ferris Joseph Barrell Albert Galloway Keller George Grant MacCurdy Ellsworth Huntington James Rowland Angell Edwin Grant Conklin Wesley Roswell Coe. Edited, with a Preface, by Prof. George Alfred Baitsell. Pp. xv + 476 + 32 plates. (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press; London: Oxford University Press, 1929.) 22s. 6d. net.

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