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THIS second series of stereoscopic photographs represents models of the structures of important members belonging to the silicate family. The original models were built up from results based on X-ray investigations, and they have been constructed with such simple materials that the student may be tempted to reproduce the simplest ones from the data printed on the back of each photograph. Seeing that the atoms in these structures make up nearly the whole of the earths crust, this simple presentation of the results of a difficult physical research will be of great interest in many fields.

Stereoscopic Photographs of Crystal Models.

Edited by Sir William Prof. W. L. Bragg in order to illustrate the results of X-ray Crystallography. Second series: The Silicates. (London: Adam Hilger, Ltd., 1929.) Set of 23 photographs complete in box with folding stereoscope, 24s. 9d.

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