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    THIS collection of tables, mostly to four figures, contains logarithms, square and cubes, square and cube roots, reciprocals, Napierian logarithms and trigonometrical tables. No differences are given. In addition, there is a three-figure radian table giving the six natural trigonometrical functions for arguments up to 3.20. This and the corresponding table of exponentials and hyperbolic functions are definitely useful. It is therefore a pity that they were not made more extensive instead of being cramped into four pages. The formula, which occupy 25 pages, are not so well chosen. There are no formula of spherical trigonometry, nor are the derivatives of hyperbolic functions and their inverses given. Taylors and Maclaurins series should include a remainder term. The table of integrals is, however, welcome. The book is well bound and has a thumbnail index, but the price is rather high.

    Mathematical Tables and Formulas.

    By Prof. Percey F. Smith Prof. William Raymond Longley. Pp. v + 66. (New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.; London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd., 1929.) 8s. net.

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