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    NEW COMET: SCHWASSMANN-WACHMANN, 1929a.—Prof. A. Schwassmann and Dr. A. Wachmann discovered a very remarkable comet on Nov. 15, 1927, at Bergedorf Observatory. They have now found a second comet; the following details have been communicated in a telegram from the I.A.U. Bureau, Copenhagen: Time of observation, Nov. 17d 22h 21.9m U.T.; R.A. 5h 40m 32s; N. Decl. 20° 30′; daily motion - 28s, N. 3′; magnitude 11. The comet is close to the ecliptic, and was doubtless discovered, like the other one, in the course of the photography of minor planets that is carried on at Bergedorf. If the motion continues glow, there ought to be no diffi culty in picking the comet up by Jan. 25, the moon being then out of the way at the beginning of the night.

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