Mr. Ormsby-Gore and Tropical Development


    THE attributes of a true research worker are high intellectual endowment, a desire for knowledge, a capacity for accurate observation and selection of relevant facts and data, a mind unbiased by preconceived ideas, sound judgment, and breadth of vision. We rarely associate such a combination of qualities with our politicians. Special pleading is the enemy of truth. Occasionally, however, even a politician may free himself from the shackles of political expediency, and put the general interest before self-interest, mankind before country, and country before party. To distil the essential wisdom from the heterogeneous ingredients of party controversy requires the courage of statesmanship, the penalty of which is not infrequently loss of office and political oblivion. For office is a party spoil.

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    Mr. Ormsby-Gore and Tropical Development. Nature 123, 37–39 (1929).

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