Monograph of the Sea Snadles (Hydrophiidœ)


    THIS work in its scope and arrangement follows the lines of the British Museum Catalogues; the greater part of the text is purely systematic in nature, but the author's views on the relationships of the group and some notes on habits are included in the introduction. The list of references under each specific heading is not supposed to be exhaustive, but an attempt has been made to include all those of any importance from which the student may obtain any additional information he may require. The book will be welcomed by all systematic herpetologists as the first complete account of the Sea-snakes since the publication of Boulenger's “Catalogue of Snakes” (1896); based on the largest collection of these animals that has yet been brought together, the author's views carry weight and conviction. The most important proposed change is the recognition of two sub-families, the Laticaudinse of Australian origin aild the Hydrophiinæ of Lido-Malayan seas; these two sub-families are established chiefly on osteological features of the skull and are regarded as two separate evolutionary lines. The author's conception of the genera agrees closely with that of Boulenger, but he finds that many of the species recognised by the latter are untenable; the names used are for the first time brought into line with the International Rules of Zoological Nomenclature.

    Monograph of the Sea Snadles (Hydrophiidœ).



    By. Pp. xviii + 130 + 2 plates. (London: British Museum (Natural History), 1926.) 10s.

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