A Practical Handbook on Rat Destruction


    THIS book deals in an exhaustive and essentially useful manner with the problem of the rat. A brief introductory chapter on the characters and habits of the brown and black rats is followed by an account of the destruction of rats by trapping, hunting, and the use of gas, and of the various poisons most effective for the purpose. These chapters are very exhaustive and of great practical value. The author then deals with the Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act of 1919, and discusses in detail its various clauses and the responsibilities of owners, local authorities, and the Ministry of Agriculture in carrying out its provisions. He pleads for more whole-hearted co-operation between these parties in combating the rat menace. Chapters on the relation of the rat to public health and disease, and on a general survey of what has been done and what may be done in the matter of rat control, conclude a very useful book, which should be of great service, particularly to those officers of local authorities whose duties include the enforcement of the laws relating to the destruction of these pests.

    A Practical Handbook on Rat Destruction.

    C. Leopold


    By. Pp. vi + 180 + 6 plates. (London: John Hart, n.d.) 3s. 6d. net.

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