Mr. Alfred Bell

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MR. ALFRED BELL, who died at Ipswich on December 7,1925, was born in the parish of St. Marylebone on June 28, 1835. During his long life of more than ninety years, he had been brought into contact with a long succession of geologists, and he was personally known to Murchison, Sedgwick, Lyell, Owen and many others. His interest in science was awakened in early years by reading illustrated popular literature, and he became a collector, with his brother Robert, a year or two older than himself, at the age of about eleven years. Robert, who also specialised in conchology, was a well-known authority on this subject. Alfred, whose interests were at first more general, obtained specimens in any way he could, partly from sailors returning from abroad, and among his personal efforts may be mentioned the collection of fossils he made from the cuttings of the Great Northern Railway, then in process of construction out of London.

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