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    LONDON. Geological Society, December 16.—W. D. Lang and L. F. Spath: The black marl of Black Ven and Stonebarrow, in the Lias of the Dorset coast. Pt. I. (W. D. L.). The Black Marl Series of the Geological Survey includes Oppel's zones of obtusus, oxynotum, and raricostatus. The lowest part of the series—the Shales-with-Beef, has already been described in detail. At least twelve horizons can be recognised in the Black Marl above the Shales-with-Beef; as well as two non-sequences. Pt. II. (L. F. S.). New species of ammonites from the Black Marl are described. Notes are also added by Dr. A. E. Trueman on the Echioceratid ammonites; by Mr..L. R. Cox on the lamellibranchs; and by Miss H. M. Muir-Wood on the brachiopods.

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