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Growth Stages of a Crustacean



EVERY student of zoology has some acquaintance with the larval stages of those Crustacea that undergo metamorphosis, but there has hitherto been no detailed account of the changes during growth in any of the species in which development is direct. In the course of researches on the genetics of Gammarus chevrewxi carried out at Plymouth, Mrs. E. W. Sexton found it necessary to have fuller information as to the characters of the successive stages from hatching to maturity. She therefore set herself to the laborious task of studying and depicting, with her well-known artistic skill, complete series of the moulted skins of isolated individuals. The results are now recorded in a paper (Journ. Marine Biol. Ass., vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 340–396, 21 pis., 1924) which is of unusual interest and importance from several points of view.

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