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Sir Rickman John Godlee, Bart


    BY the sudden death of Sir Rickman Godlee on April 20, science loses a singularly open-minded man of varied gifts and wide interests, who was intimately associated with the great revolution in surgery accomplished by his famous uncle, Lord Lister. In fact, Godlee is now most widely known as the author of Lister's biography, which is not only a worthy record of one of the greatest incidents in the history of science, but also a graphic picture of the simple, homely society in which the sterling characters of Lister and of Godlee himself were moulded. During his long career Sir Rickman played many parts, as senior demonstrator of anatomy and afterwards professor of clinical surgery at University College, London, and honorary surgeon at University College Hospital, as president of the Royal College of Surgeons, as surgeon to the household of Queen Victoria, and surgeon-in-ordinary to King Edward VII. and King George V.

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