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Large Crystals of Iron

Nature volume 114, pages 1516 (05 July 1924) | Download Citation



THE paper by Prof. Edwards and Mr. Pfeil presented at the May meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute on “The Production of Large Crystals by Annealing Strained Iron “has now brought iron into the rapidly growing list of metals which can be obtained in the form of very large crystals. The research follows on a preliminary paper presented to the Institute by the same authors a year ago, in which they dealt with the commercial importance of coarse crystallisation in a number of defective stampings which had come into their possession. Methods of producing large metallic crystals may be classified under the following heads: (1) By slow cooling of the melt; (2) by drawing a rod slowly out of the melt; (3) by straining to a critical amount a test-piece composed of small metallic crystals, followed by heat treatment; (4) by the simultaneous application of strain and heat treatment to a metal wire. The method adopted by the authors is No. 3, which was introduced in 1921 by Carpenter and Elam in the case of the metal aluminium, and the large crystals produced are very similar in form.

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