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    EARTHWORKS IN AMERICA.—The Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University (vol. viii. No. 3), has issued a monograph by Mr. C. C. Willoughby on the Turner group of earthworks in Hamilton County, Ohio, with notes on the skeletal remains by Mr. E. A. Hooton. The book, admirably illustrated by sketches and photographs, gives a full account of these interesting structures. Mr. Willoughby remarks that the builders attained a degree of excellence in art design probably unsurpassed north of Mexico. It is important to note that they show no affinity with the people of the Madisonville site, beyond those which are common to all Indians. Their affinities are rather with the Eastern dolichocephals, although there is present a brachycephalic element such as is often found among the Eastern Indians.

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