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Major-General J. Waterhouse


    MAJOR-GENERAL JAMES WATERHOUSE, who was eighty years of age, died on September 28. As a youth he joined the Roval Bengal Artillery, and after seven years was made Assistant Surveyor-General in charge of the photography section in the Surveyor-General's Office in Calcutta. He retired in 1897. His official duties necessitated the study of photography and photo-mechanical methods of reproduction, and this he did with a keen eye for any possible improvement, and a skilful hand which enabled him to test the practical value of any new introduction. He made an extended continental tour during his term of office that he might become acquainted with the methods employed in foreign photographic laboratories. A considerable number of improvements were introduced by Waterhouse in photolithography and allied processes, as well as in collotype, sometimes varying methods in use elsewhere to render them suitable for a tropical climate. His knowledge of these methods in all their minutioe was very extensive, and in 1882–1885 he contributed to the Photographic News a series of fifty chapters on photolithography.

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