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The British Association at Hull


    YORKSHIRE hospitality is proverbial, and it has been very pleasantly manifested during the meeting of the British Association just concluded at Hull. The citizens have in many ways shown themselves to be proud to entertain the Association, and the facilities they have offered to the members have been exceptionally helpful. Each member was provided with a badge, and this was not only a free pass on the quick and convenient tramway system of the city, but also secured personal guidance and interest from citizens in the streets or in vehicles of any kind. It would be impossible for a city to show greater interest in its visitors or to do more to make their sojourn pleasant, and the many attentions have been much appreciated, particularly by officers and other active members of sections who usually have not the time to search for all the amenities which a place of meeting may afford. A number of free luncheons have been provided, and when the days' meetings have been over tea has been served in the writing-room at the Guildhall, and has been found both grateful and comforting to the members. For these and other unusual attentions the Association is no doubt chiefly indebted to the local secretary, Mr. T. Sheppard, curator of the Hull Museums, but with him is associated the town clerk, Mr. H. A. Learoyd, and the generous hospitality would not have been possible without the active interest and support afforded by the Corporation and people of the city. The Handbook to Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, edited by Mr. Sheppard and presented to each member, is a volume of permanent value, and as it will be on sale for the low price of five shillings we propose to publish a separate notice of it in an early issue.

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