Prof. E. J. Mills, F.R.S


DR. EDMUND JAMES MILLS, formerly professor of technical chemistry in the West of Scotland Technical College, Glasgow, who died on April 21, was born in London on December 8, 1840. He received his early education at the j Grammar School, Cheltenham, and later at the i Royal School of Mines, London. The chemical i instruction for students at the School of Mines was in those days given at the Royal College of Chemistry in Oxford Street, and there Mills worked during the later fifties, having as a fellow student Herbert McLeod, afterwards professor of chemistry at the Coopers Hill College, with whom he formed a life-long friendship. At that time the only institution granting degrees in pure science was London University, and Mills utilised his education at the School of Mines with the intention of proceeding to such a degree at a later period. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1863 and the Doctorate in 1865, his name appearing in the list of graduates at a date intermediate between those of Prof. Crum Brown in 1862 and Sir Wm. Tilden in 1871. In 1861 he went as an assistant to Dr. John Stenhouse, having Tilden as one of his colleagues in that laboratory.

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