Oceanography and the SeaFisheries*


Ihas been customary, when occasion required, the president to offer a brief tribute to the memory of distinguished members of the Association lost science during the preceding year. These, for most part, have been men of advanced years and reputation who had completed their life-work served well in their day the Association and sciences which it represents. Such are our general treasurer, Prof. Perry, and our past-president, Sir Norman Lockyer, of whom the retiring president has just spoken. We have this year no other such losses to record but it seems fitting on the present occasion to pause for a moment and devote grateful thought to that glorious band of fine young men of high promise in science who, in the years since our Australian meeting in 1914, gave, it he, in brief days and months of sacrifice, greater service to humanity and the advance of civilisation than would have been possible in years of normal time and work. A few names stand out already known and highly honoured—Moseley, J enkinson, Geoffrey Smith, Keith Lucas, Gregory, and more recently Leonard Doncaster—all grievous losses; but there also others, younger members of our Association, who had not yet had opportunity for showing accomplished work, but who equally gave up all for a great ideal. I prefer to offer a collective rather than an individual tribute. Other young men of science will arise carry on their work, but the gap in our ranks remains. Let their successors remember that it serves as a reminder of a great example and of high worthy of our gratitude and of permanent record in the annals of science.

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