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    A NEW ASTEROID OF THE TROJAN GROUP.—A fifth member of this group has been discovered by Wolf. It has at present only the provisional designation CQ. The following elements are given in Ast. Nach., No. 4945:—Epoch 1917, September 24.5, G.M.T., M 83° 18′ 55″, w 329° 32′ 38″, ∞ 300° 41′ 27″, i 8° 51′ 26″, θ 6° 46′ 53″, μ 294·427″, log α 0·720686. CQ and Patroclus are about 60° behind Jupiter in longitude, while Achilles, Hector, and Nestor, are 60° in front of Jupiter. The value of μ for each of them oscillates about 5 on each side of the value for Jupiter 299″, the period of an oscillation being 150 years. CQ had its minimum value of μ about 1911; it. will reach the mean value in 1949 and the maximum value in 1986. Its phase in this libration appears to be nearly opposite to that of Patroclus, so that the two planets are on opposite sides of their librationaL ellipse.

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