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The South-Eastern Union of Scientific Societies



    THE twenty-third annual congress of the South-Eastern Union of Scientific Societies was held at Burlington House, in the Linnean Society's rooms, on May 29 and three following days, under the presidency of Sir Daniel Morris. The presidential address was entitled “The Geographical Distribution of Plants,” and was, to some extent, concerned with the various means of dispersal of seeds and the manner in which geographical distribution was effected. The destruction of the flora of the Island of Krakatoa by volcanic eruption and the comparatively rapid growth of a new flora gave valuable evidence as to the manner and time required for replacing a destroyed flora. Transport by water-currents, through a powerful agent, would be assisted by the agency of birds, and meteorological agencies must not be wholly left out of the reckoning. Many,seeds reach our own shores from tropical America by the agency of the Gulf Stream, but these have not been known to germinate in a natural state after transportation.

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