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Ethnobotany of American Indians

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    IN the thirtieth annual report of the Bureau” of American Ethnology, Mr. M. C. Stevenson publishes an elaborate article on the ethnobotany of the Zuni Indians. This tribe had discovered the medicinal value of a large number of plants, one of the most important of which is the Jamestown weed (Datura meteloides), and the writer observes that from the symptoms caused by this drug, its homoaopathic adaptability to hydrophobia will be at once evident. “There is no drug so far proven that deserves as thorough and careful a trial in this dread disease as stramonium.” “They learned the value of Datura meteloides as a narcotic perhaps centuries before the birth of Baron Stoerck, of Vienna, who first brought it to the attention of the medical profession, and the use of antiseptics while o Lister was still unknown. How long “ergot has been employed by the Zuni for the chief purpose to which it is devoted by civilised men, no one can say.”

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